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Preformed Line Products: The connection you can count on.


Northeast Power is partnering with Preformed Line Products (PLP) and their PLP Inspection Services division to evaluate and assess the condition of our utility assets (structures, conductors, hardware, etc.). PLP Inspection Services provides a safe and economical method of evaluating utility assets by utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or “drones.” Drones capture aerial data and vantage points that would be otherwise inaccessible from the ground or by helicopter, resulting in a more comprehensive evaluation. Drone-based inspections also result in a faster and safer inspection, completing inspections up to 50% faster than foot patrols and providing a safer alternative to manned helicopter inspections. In addition to drone pilots, the PLP Inspection Services crew includes an on-site engineer to monitor data collection and direct drone pilots as necessary. Additionally, the crew includes a dedicated Safety Observer to ensure the drone and all inspection personnel are operating within safe distances and away from potential hazards.


Backed by Preformed Line Products 70+ years of electric utility industry experience (including product development, research, and testing), PLP Inspection Services provides comprehensive end-to-end inspections that include aerial data collection, analysis from PLP’s industry engineers, georeferenced mapping, and detailed reporting. By partnering with an industry experienced company like Preformed Line Products, Northeast Power is ensuring that it will continue to provide safe and reliable power to customers for years to come.


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