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 The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy’s 2019 Clean Diesel Rebate Program has extended the deadline for applications for replacement of eligible diesel irrigation engines with all-electric equipment.  Applications must be submitted to the Department by February 21, 2020 to be considered.  This program is funded by the U.S. EPA Clean Diesel Program.


Diesel irrigation engines may be replaced with an electric motor to power a surface pump or by connecting an existing submersible pump directly to the electric grid.  The replaced diesel engine must be scrapped.  Replacement projects must be completed by August 30, 2020.


NDEE will reimburse 60% of the cost of the electrical equipment, installation, and required electric line extension up to a maximum rebate of $20,000.  Each applicant may apply to replace one diesel engine.

The Department anticipates funding seventeen irrigation engine rebates.  The rebate may be combined with a financial incentive from the electric utility to partially defray the cost of service line extension.  A rebate under this program cannot be combined with funds from any other federal grant program for replacement of the same engine.  No reimbursement will be made for any expenses incurred before notification of the rebate award and completion of a signed agreement with the Department.



         To be eligible, the existing diesel irrigation engine must have engine horsepower and model year within the ranges specified below:

Current Diesel Engine Horsepower

Current Engine Model Year and Emissions Tier

0-50 HP

2006 and Newer, Unregulated – Tier 2

51-300 HP

1996 and Newer, Tier 0 – Tier 3

301+ HP

1986 and Newer, Tier 0 – Tier 3

         The diesel engine must be in operating condition and have historical operations of at least 250 hours annually.  A pre-replacement inspection may be made to verify the engine condition.

         The diesel engine must have a legible serial number stamped into the block or listed on an engine data tag affixed to the engine.



The application and instructions for this rebate program are available from the following web page:


Applications must be accompanied by one set of quotes for the replacement motor and/or electrical equipment, installation, and service line extension by the electric service supplier.


Applications must be submitted to NDEE by February 21, 2020 to be considered.


More information about the 2019 Clean Diesel Rebate Program can be found at the program website:


Questions can be directed to, 402-471-4272


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