Condition of Service

Completing and signing (by electronic submission) this form is an application for service and a binding agreement. I acknowledge that I am authorized to request this service and authorized to add charges to the electric bill for the account listed.

The applicant desires to have installed on their premises a photo-electric controlled luminaire equipped with a {see form} watt LED lamp. All fixtures, poles, and wires will remain the property of the District.

The applicant agrees to allow District personnel to enter their premises for the purpose of maintaining or removing said light or lights and to maintain District property and equipment at any time required by the District to perform such work.

The District is obligated to maintain, service, and replace the bulb(s) and related parts only during normal working hours, namely: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays except in case of emergency. If the consumer requires service during times other than normal working hours, the customer agrees to pay for such services.