Budget Billing

Program Description

Budget Billing is a program that allows customers of Northeast Power to elect to pay the same amount each month for their electric bill.

The program works by asking the Northeast Power staff to take an average of the previous 12 monthly bills for the customer and adjusting it based on any known information like rate increases, etc.

  • Once a budget amount has been determined and agreed to by the customer then that is the amount owed each month.
  • Throughout the year the customer’s account may actually have a credit balance or be in arrears.
  • If service is disconnected or the Budget Billing Program discontinued, then the account balance is due and payable immediately.

The Budget Billing Program does not change the method of payment or the penalty dates for the bill payment. It simply allows the customer to pay the same amount each month.


  • Northeast Power reserves the right to adjust the Budget Billing amount at any time during the year if we notice that the Budget amount is significantly inaccurate.
  • This keeps the customer from owing a large amount at the end of the Budget Billing year in May.

Eligibility Requirement

The Budget Billing Program is available to all customers who apply and who meet the following requirements:

  • To be eligible, the customer must have had service with Northeast Power for a minimum of 1 year so that a budget estimate can be figured.
  • Should the customer pay less than the budget amount for 1 month, the customer will be removed from the Budget Billing Program. At that time, the full balance of the account must be paid in full.
  • The customer may only re-enroll in Budget Billing upon approval of management.

True Up

  • Each May the customer’s Budget Billing Account will be reconciled (true up) between what is actually owed and what has been actually paid on the 12 equal payments.
  • Sometimes the customer will get a credit and sometimes the customer will owe some additional amount.

To Enroll

To enroll in the program, the customer may choose to:

Budget Billing Enrollment Form