Operation Round Up

Change is Good

stacked coins next to piggy bankOperation Roundup is a nationally recognized, voluntary program for utility companies to collect loose change for charitable giving. Since the start of the District’s local Operation Roundup Program in early 2012, about $75,000 has been disbursed to:

  • Community programs
  • Schools
  • Fire Departments
  • Community Food Banks
  • Civic Organizations
  • Charities

These programs all serve needs in Dixon, Dakota, Thurston, Stanton, Pierce, and Wayne Counties.

This program is supported by over 4,200 customer accounts. In offering customers this opportunity we believed the District was unique in its ability to collect pennies and turn them into enough money to make a difference to our local area. The funds are controlled by a separate Board of Directors and are audited each year. For a complete list of organizations that have received a donation from Operation Roundup, view our Charitable Fund Donations (PDF).

Enrolling or Opting Out