2022-2023 Winter Reliability Assessment

NERC’s 2022–2023 Winter Reliability Assessment (WRA) identifies, assesses, and reports on areas of concern regarding the reliability of the North American BPS for the upcoming winter season. In addition, the WRA presents peak electricity demand and supply changes and highlights any unique regional challenges or expected conditions that might impact the BPS. The reliability assessment process is a coordinated reliability evaluation between the Reliability Assessment Subcommittee (RAS), the Regional Entities, and NERC staff with demand and resource projections obtained from the assessment areas. This report reflects NERC’s independent assessment and is intended to inform industry leaders, planners, operators, policy makers, and regulatory bodies so that they are better prepared to take necessary actions to ensure BPS reliability. This report also provides an opportunity for the industry to discuss plans and preparations to ensure reliability for the upcoming winter period. Read the full report here: NERC 2022-2023 Winter Reliability Assessment