Nebraska Clean Diesel Rebate Program to Open by October 1, 2022

Nebraska Clean Diesel Rebate Program to Open by October 1, 2022

The application period for NDEE’s 2022 EPA-funded Clean Diesel Rebate Program is expected to open between mid-September and October 1.  Eligibility requirements will be similar to last year’s program:

  • The irrigation engine to be replaced must be diesel-fueled, fully operational, and have operated at least 250 hours per year for the past two years
  • The applicant must have owned the engine for the past two years
  • The engine must have at least three years of remaining operating life
  • Applicants may submit one application to replace one diesel engine

The reimbursement amount will again be 60% of the project costs (purchase, installation, and connection of the new electric equipment including utility costs) up to a maximum rebate of $20,000. Available funds this year are sufficient to support 18 irrigation engine replacement projects.

When the application period opens, information and application forms will be available from the Nebraska Clean Diesel Rebate Program web page:


NDEE Seeking Proposals for Competitive Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Grant

NDEE is also seeking proposals for potential projects that could be included in an application for a Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) National Competitive Grant. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to open the application period for this grant in August 2022. Although private diesel equipment owners are not eligible to apply directly to EPA for this funding, projects involving both public and private owners may be included in the department’s application.

NDEE is soliciting proposals for diesel-to-electric irrigation well projects to be included in this application (along with several other project types).  We expect the eligibility requirements and reimbursement level to be the same as in the upcoming 2022 Nebraska Clean Diesel Rebate program.  Project proposals must be submitted to NDEE no later than Tuesday, September 20, 2022.  More details concerning requirements and the proposal form are available from the Request for Projects web page:

Parties interested in irrigation engine replacement may submit a proposal to NDEE for the DERA National Competitive Grant Program and also apply for a rebate from the Nebraska Clean Diesel Rebate Program for the same engine (to increase chances of funding) or for a different diesel irrigation engine.  However, a single project cannot be jointly funded through both sources.

Nebraska’s application for this program will be competing with other applicants from Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas.  The number and selection of eligible projects will be dependent on the dollar-limit on applications, which will be set by EPA and the number and type of proposals submitted.  Submission of a project proposal to NDEE, and our decision to include it in the application to EPA, is not a guarantee of funding.

Please direct customer questions to, or call 402-471-4272.

Randy Smith

Clean Diesel Program Coordinator

Waste and Air Grants Section, Planning & Aid Division

Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

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